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Moving Pianos

It’s harder than you may imagine to move a piano. Moving a piano is more difficult than moving your typical furniture because of the piano’s size (pianos are heavy), fragile construction, and high worth. When moving your priceless piano, there are numerous factors to take into account; yet, if the transfer isn’t done correctly, it may require costly repairs. Because of this, pianos must be handled by a trained piano mover. There are a number of mistakes a piano owner can make when relocating their instrument that will only cost them time and money! Here are three of the most frequent errors piano owners make when transferring their instruments, along with tips on how to avoid them.

Not Being Prepared

Every seasoned owner is aware of how difficult it is to move a piano. But some people don’t even bother to plan! You must prepare your home by taking out everything on the floor that could be harmed during the move in addition to purchasing and gathering the equipment and tools required for the relocation procedure. To avoid any damage, you should also take down any hanging artwork or portraits. Never stack anything heavy on top of your piano out of concern for your safety as this could harm both things.

Leaving Available Space Unchecked

If there isn’t enough room to move your piano in, then all of your preparation efforts will be for naught. Movers think about where they will relocate your valuable belongings when they pick up or drop off your items for moving services. They won’t move it at all if they think that it will take too long and cause delays due to a lack of room.

Packing Techniques Are Not Used Properly

Every surface of the instrument needs to be covered with a protective covering to prevent scratching during storage or transportation. To keep your piano solid while being moved, you should also place bubble wrap around the legs or around the bottom plate.

Avoid these mistakes by simply having a professional piano mover involved in Long Beach, CA! For more information about our services, you may reach Piano Storage at (562) 250-3040.

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